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MRB-1000 Multifunctional Test Switching Box

The MRB-1000 multifunctional test switching box is an optional accessory, which can connect DC (DTS-1000) and EAS (LV-1000) and capacitor (E4980A)on one test station to run tests. MRB switching box is applicable for DC test, capacitance test, switching between inductive and load tests. It can handle all test requirements in one single test station, which is highly suitable for chip test.
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1: MRB-1000; DC (DTS-1000) and EAS (LV-1000) and capacitor (E4980A)switching functionality

2: CAP-Box: Test capability of capacitance parameters for field effect transistors




Device Dimensions Weight
MRB-1000 280(W) X 480(D) X 300(H) MM 11.9KG
CAP-BOX   210(W) X 150(D) X 90(H) MM  0.6KG


As one of the DTS accessories, MRB-1000 upgrades switching functionality and can be setup next to prober or handler in a test station, in order to run test for all programs. Add MRBPIN program in the Editor software program.



Program instructions: First define and input MRB-1000 port types for DTS, CV Capacitance meter and LV. Then enter corresponding test items for testing. Please refer to below screenshot.