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GDU-1000 Capacitance Tester

The GDU-1000 equipment offers communication with other test systems and is connected to a high-precision tester through a standard RS232 serial port. Using DTS-1000 test software and connected to IEEE488(GPIB) port, allows test instruments to conduct testing and screening of special discrete devices. This can fulfill user's requirements to test special device, such as it's electric capacity measurement as well as inductance and resistance testing.
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Key Specifications:


Applicable device varactor diode, FET field effect transistor, transistor, combined field effect transistor
Test items CV (diode), CISS, COSS, CRSS, RG(FET & IGBT)
Number of channels Max. 2
Exterior dimensions 420 (width) X 406 (depth) X 109 (height) mm.
Power supply voltage AC100 to 240V            50Hz / 60Hz
Consumption electricity Max. 100W


Application Diagram: