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SWS-PCB Switching Time Tester

SWS-1000TS (PCB) is a semiconductor testing equipment for the purpose of testing the switching time of transistors. The switching time can be tested in the range of 00.01us to 99.99us (accuracy 2.5%). In addition, this optional equipment can be directly installed in a DTS-1000 test system and can be tested simultaneously for conventional DC items and TS items. This simplifies subsequent classification and reduces the wear of device pins caused by multi-stationary testing.
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Key Specifications


Applicable Device NPN transistor
Test items Tstg (accumulation time)
Test time The four-bit precision for each project.
00.01us ~ 99.99us precision 2.5% 2digit.
IB 050mA, 100mA, 250mA, 500mA
VG voltage fixed
Number of channels determined by DTS
Classification DTS-1000: 250 categories
Programming Settings DTS Editor software settings, suitable for Windows operating systems