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DHC-1000 High Current Tester

By connecting DHC-1000 High Current Upgrade with DTS-1000 test system, it will enable users to test high current range with semiconductor transistors, FETs and thyristors. It can reach a maximum test current of 200A.
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Key Specifications

Voltage / Current IC: 00.0~200A
IB: 0.00m~50.0A
VCE: 0.00~30.0V
VGS: 0.00~30.0V
Applicable devices diode, transistor, MOS-FET, bonded FET
Number of channels up to 2 stations
Relay start time The turn-on time is 35ms.
Shutdown time 20ms
But don't do it when testing high current projects.
Exterior dimensions DHC-1 000 500 (width) × 670 (depth) × 250 (height) mm
CHD-1 000 175 (width) × 355 (depth) × 200 (height) mm
Power supply voltage AC110V and AC220V switch to each other at 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 500VA

operating conditions: temperature: 25℃ ± 5℃; humidity: below 60%


Download: Test Tables (Precision and Range)