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DTS-1000 Dynamic Test System

DTS-1000 dynamic test systems provide high-speed testing and sorting of discrete semiconductors by connecting with probe stages of sorting machines. Applicable test devices include transistor, MOS-FET, Diode, Zener, TS, CV, dVBE & dVDS, SCR, Terminal Regulator & Shunt Regulator, TVS and more. JUNO test systems offer great scalability, as voltage can be extended to 3000 volts and current can be extended to 200 Amps.
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DTS-1000 Dynamic Test System Features: 


1. Multiple system configurations available

2. Great scalability to 3000 volts and 200 Amps 

3. More efficient capacity

4. Simple external interfaces

5. Multifunctional operating software

6. Simple maintenance

7. Future scalability


Key Specifications


Voltage / Current 999V / 20.0A
Number of channels Max. 2 Channels
Power supply voltage AC 200-240V; 50Hz/60Hz
Consumption Electricity 250VA
Dimensions DTS-1000:500 (width) X670 (depth) X250 (height) mm
interface box: 65 (width) X272 (depth) X187 (height) mm


Test Specifications


Number / item of Bias standard 3 (3 bits) (D/A Converter)
Bias loop Standard Specification
High Voltage Generator (999V/20mA) 1 loop
Voltage & Current Generator 3 loop
Voltage Generator (36V/20A)
Current Generator (36V/20A)



Number/item of measurements 1 (4 bits) (A/D converter)
Measuring circuit Standard Specification
High Voltage Detector (0.000V ~ 999.9V)1 circuit
Low Voltage Detector (00.00mV ~ 36.00V) 1 loop
Current Generator (0.000mA ~ 20.0A) 1 loop
Low Current Generator (000.0PA ~ 999.9uA) 1 loop
Test loop Manage with Item Name
Maker manages Max × 500 Items
User manages Max × 500 Items
Relay action time You can switch between 3 ms and 5ms. The default value is 3 ms.
Test File capacity Test Items: Maximum 200
Number of classified items: maximum 200


Download Test Tables (Precision and Range)