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LV-1000 Inductive Load Tester

The LV-1000 Inductive Load Tester can be used to test avalanche tolerance for MOS-FETs, diodes or IGBT. Inputting current into the coil, the created energy will be used as avalanche energy, so the equipment can conduct tolerance test. Quality determination is judged by quality range settings of SUS voltage and SUS time. The measurement results can be displayed on computer screens or via classification signals transmitted to Handler-I/F.
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LV-1000 Inductive Load Features:

DTS-1000 and LV-1000 can be combined as single site measurement (MRB-1000 or MRB-100 options are required)

● Tolerance tests:

Broken Test 1: Variable Current Mode Start Current, Stop Current, Step (STEP) Setting of Current Measurement Interval.

Broken Test 2: Coil Changeable Mode (CB-1000 Option Required)

Start the capacity, stop the capacity, and set the capacity measurement interval.


Key Specifications:


Applicable Devices N-FET / P-FET
device package Single / Dual
input voltage AC200V to 240V (50Hz/60Hz)
Exterior dimensions 500(D) x 670(D) x 250(H)


Model LV-1000
Drain (Id) 0.1A-400.0A
Drain peak current (Idp) 0.1A-400.0A
Drain Voltage (Vd) 10. 0V-200.0V
gate voltage (Vg) 1. 0V-30.0V
reverse gate voltage (Vgr) 0. 0V-30.0V
voltage range (V-GATE) 10.0V - 2,500V
IH range 0.1A-400.0A
Range of IL 0.1A-400.0A
The gate on time (TG) 0.1 us-9.999ms
Post-short time detection (DT) 1 us-9.99ms
Coil 0.1 mH-99.9mH
PreCheck 5.00 - 10.0V


1 Coil: CB-1000 0.1mH STEP

2 LV-DIODE: VG and VGR have no set items