Discrete semiconductor devices can control and convert electric energy, which is the core component in the field of household electronics and can directly affect the performance and quality of those devices. Global home electronics industry has a stable market environment with an overall health market development and expansion. Accordingly, discrete semiconductor devices will also have a strong market prospect.

Home Electronics

The power supply market is an important application area of discrete semiconductor devices. As an indispensable power source for electronic equipment, power supply is widely used in all walks of life. For example, discrete semiconductor devices mainly play the role of rectification and voltage stabilization in power adapters, and also realize the transformation of industrial power supply.

Power Supply and Charging

Discrete semiconductor devices are mainly used in router manufacturing for the network communication market. With the increasing popularity of WiFi terminal equipments, consumers do not rely on stationary internet access and prefer using wireless routes, which provides mobile broadband anytime and anywhere. The rapid growth of demand for network communication equipment represented by routers has provided a broad application market for discrete semiconductor devices.

Communication Network

LED lighting, as a new type of green light source product, has the feature of energy saving, environmental friendly, long service life and small size. It is widely used in various indications, displays, decorations, general lighting and urban night scenes. In recent years, with the development of global semiconductor lighting, the demand for discrete semiconductor products has also been rising.

LED Lighting

In recent years, according to the rapid development of smart grid, the market penetration rate of smart meter, as an important "terminal product", is also increasing gradually. As an important basic equipment for the construction of smart grid, but at the same time also a must-have product for home usage, the development of smart meters will further drive the market demand for discrete semiconductor products.

Smart Meters and Devices

As basic components embedded in automotive electronic products, discrete semiconductor devices have created strong demand for it's manufacturing in recent years. With the trend of automotive electronics to become more smart, information based and connected, as well as the popularity of various LED energy-saving lamps in automotive main lights, indicator lights, decorative lights, etc., discrete semiconductor devices used in automotive electronic products has strong growth potential going forward.

Automotive Electronics

Internet of Things and VR/AR Applications

Discrete semiconductor devices are standard components of electronic circuits. As a medium that uses various information sensing devices to connect all inputs with the Internet, the development of the Internet of Things cannot be separated from basic component products such as discreate semiconductor. In the world of VR/AR (Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality), consumers are getting more and more familiar with new ways of digital operations. Using these technologies can also provide consumers with greater opportunities and visions. This dynamic market development is bound to promote growing demands for discrete semiconductors, as it's basic components.